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Ancient History
Paintings 1976 to 1988

And my Painting...., 1976, acrylic/silkscreen/canvas

Urban Guerillas 2, 1977, pva/household paint/canvas

Grid Paintimg with Marcel Proust, 1977, pva/household paint/canvas

Number of People Engaged in a Topical Activity, 1978, pva/canvas

Modern Living Room Painting, 1978, oil/pva/canvas

Landscape Drawing with a Photograph Signed by Christo , 1977, crayon/pencil/postcard/biro

Interference (Patty Hearst), 1979, PVA/canvas

Monday Blues, 1979, PVA/canvas

The Milton Keynes series and a Malevich deck chair , 1979, Acrylic/canvas

Interior Milton Keynes , 1979, PVA/canvas

Jean-Paul Sartre & Simone de Beauvoir Speedboating with Fidel Castro, 1978, PVA/canvas, 152x152cm

Rush Hour in Peking, 1980, PVA/canvas

The Individual in Relation to the Masses , 1982/3 , PVA/canvas, 121.9 x 170.7 cm Collection: Leicestershire County Council Artworks Collection

Red car Goes to the Antarctic, 1983, PVA/Linen

Flight of Helicopters , 1982, PVA/wax crayon/paper, 55x74cm

Sunset over the aircraft carrier, 1982, PVA/wax crayon/paper, 55x74cm

Wartime Romance, 1983, PVA/paper , 76x56cm

Man with No Eyes Looking Through the Window at His Motor Car, 1983, PVA/paper , 56x76cm

Two Invertibrates observing a submarine, 1983, PVA/collage/paper

Made up Roses , 1983, PVA/wax crayon/paper

A Head in the Sand, 1983, PVA/photo paper

Jumbo , 1984, PVA/photographic paper

Slapstick , 1984, PVA/photograhic paper

Jaded and Faded, 1984, PVA,crayon and collage on paper , 56x76cm

Romantic Encounter , 1984, PVA/canvas

The Conspirators, 1984, PVA/canvas

Man with Aeroplane , 1984, PVA/canvas

Sheep (Some Dead, Some Just Lying Down), 1984, PVA/canvas

The Speculators and the Idealogues, 1985, oil/canvas , 256x175 cm

Victorious Thrust, 1985, PVA/Plastic Toy/Canvas

Mig Thrust, 1985, PVA/Plastic Toy/Canvas

Country Life 3, 1985, pva/paper

Country Life 5, 1985, pva/paper

Cows and Sheep, 1986, oil and plastic animals/canvas

Landscape, 1987, Oil/canvas

The Exchange, 1986, oil/canvas, 211x167cm

Two Unidentified Dancing Men, 1985, oil/canvas

Freedom and Publicity, 1985, oil/canvas

Freedom and Technology, 1985, oil/canvas

Walking the Dogma, 1985, oil/canvas

The Emperor's New Pose, or The Importance of Being Important, or Doing for D'Offay, or The Pot Calls the Kettle Black , 1985, Oil & Mixed Media (including felt stolen from a Joseph Beuys installation at the Anthony D'Offay Gallery)/Canvas

Controlling Interest (a Latter Day Baron Enjoying the Freedom of the Press), 1986, oil/collage/canvas

Who you are and what you do, 1986, Oil and mixed media/canvas , 264.5 x 173 cm

See No Evil, 1986, oil/spoon/canvas

A Bigger Bang , 1986, oil/mixed media/canvas

3 Monkeys on the edge of the Desert, 1986, oil/canvas

Fast Forward, 1986, oil/canvas

Abstract Values, 1987, pva/collage/paper , 76x56cm

Homage to the Dollar, 1987, pva/collage/paper , 76x56cm

The Chorus That Drowned All Other Voices, 1988, pva/paper

Group with Dead Wolf , 1988, oil/canvas